FFC-A2: FCU MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier


Perfect Filtration Product for FCU System


  • High-efficiently kill viruses and bacteria (above 99.96%)
  • High-efficiently remove air particles (remove 99% of PM2.5)
  • No material consumption, the filter is washable, no need to replace
  • Micro-Electrostatic technology, no additional material consumption, no noise and very low ozone generation
  • Concealed in return air inlet of central air-conditioning without destroying decoration and occupying floor space
  • Prevent influence on return air effect of air-conditioning with ultralow air resistance
  • Three-dimensional circulation, clean air without dead ends
  • Reduce energy consumption, and avoid affecting effect of refrigeration and heating for filth blockage of coil
  • Intelligent control, linked to fan coil, purify when air flows and stop when air stops
  • Comprehensively adaptive to fan coils of internal unit, etc. of fluorine and water systems
  • Certification: CE, CB, RoHS


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