FSA650: Wall-mounted MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier


Ceiling Mounted MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier with built-in fan motor


  • High-efficiently kill viruses and bacteria (staphylococcus killing rate is 99.99%①)
  • High-efficiently remove air particles②
  • Ceiling Mount without floor occupation, run immediately after installation, easy to maintain
  • Simple embedding design fits in various situations
  • Independently run in big air volume with built-in fan, no need to link with Central AC system
  • Repeatedly large air circulation through big air inlet in center, flanked by four long and narrow air outlets
  • Long Maintenance cycle, high removal rates for both particles and methanol
  • No need to replace filter, low zone(<0.003 mg/m3 ③), stable performance endorsed by several authoritative certificates.
  • Low energy consumption, huge amount of negative ion brings pleasant feeling for end users
  • Several control methods are optional: self-control, remote control


FSA650 Wall-mounted MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier is an innovative solution for clean indoor air. This purifier combines MESP purification technology with a washable filter to remove particulate matter and sterilize your space. Its advanced DC fan operates efficiently and quietly, making it ideal for public spaces like classrooms, gyms, and clinics. Breathe easy with the FSA650 – your key to fresh, healthy air.


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