• Efficiently remove Odor, TVOCs and pathogens

    Micro-plasma Sterilization and Deodorization Tech

    The best completely consumable-free air deodorization tech in the world.

Technical principle

AirFidelity has developed a unique Micro-plasma technology, which is based on dielectric barrier discharge technology, and uses special dielectric ceramics as insulating material to coat metal electrodes, the formation of millimeter level micro spacing discharge channel is beneficial to the energy excitation of high energy power supply in the micro spacing channel generating a large number of plasma, and simultaneously solving the problems of the odor/bad smell and harmful microorganisms in the air. It's powerful and consumble-free.

Micro-plasma Principle

How does it work?


Work for garbage disposal rooms, public restrooms, oil separation tanks , sewage treatment rooms, etc to remove all kinds of bad smell, TVOC, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, formaldehyde, etc.


To remove the viruses and bacteria

the Advantages

Micro-plasma Principle
Micro-plasma Principle

the product lines

Micro-plasma Principle

PSA wall mounted sterilizer and deodorizer

PSA wall mounted sterilizer and deodorizer adopts Micro Plasma technology, with built-in large air flow DC motor, which can be used independently and has a luxurious appearance. It provides multi level control modes, and is equipped with catalytic module to achieve strong deodorization, the device can work when it is close to the people without any harmful impacts. The nanosecond purification speed quickly removes harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide with high concentration in large spaces, and kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. that breed in humid environments, this effectively solve the odor problem in toilets and other places, it improves the image of enterprises and cities.

Micro-plasma Principle

PAD Air duct type sterilizer and deodorizer

The air duct type sterilizer and deodorizer adopts plasma technology to generate high-density plasma and multiple purification factors. The purification is achieved through the design of external fan and pipeline. Multi specs modular joint design can meet the air volume demand of different places, with high deodorization efficiency. It is the top choice for the deodorization and purification of air exhaust, garbage room and sewage treatment room.

Micro-plasma Principle

PFC plug-in sterilizer and deodorizer

PFC plug-in sterilizer and deodorizer applies diffusion micro plasma technology, and its small and flexible installation mode can effectively solve the indoor air pollution problem by integrating with the central AC system or independent fan.

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