FFC-A3: FCU Ultra-thin MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier


Perfect Filtration Product for FCU System with slim design

Product Features

  • Micro Electrostatic Technology MESP, can efficiently remove fine particles and sterilize
  • The washable MESP filter has a design life of 10 years with no replacement need
  • The ultra-thin body is only 3.4cm thick, which is better suited to the limited installation space
  • The simple aesthetic design can be installed in the open or concealed return air outlet of the central air conditioner
  • Ultra low operating power 5~8w, low energy consumption and environmentally friendly
  • Intelligent control, has linkage with fan coil unit
  • Continuous circulation, clean (dust removal, sterilization, disinfection) every corner of the room
  • Releases negative ions when operating, which can clean the air and is beneficial to the health of human body or animals
  • No ozone detected

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